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Change is inevitable. Once you’ve decided to fully realize this, you can then give yourself the freedom and permission to embrace and look forward to it. When you’re in this position, you’ll find yourself actively learning about how change really works. You’ll free yourself from ignorance. Until then, you will always be scared of change, […]

I have some questions for some of you people out there in today’s society. But first I want to lay out at least two types of people that I’ve learned about. These two types are actually based on 2 extreme ends of the same pole. They do not necessarily reflect every kind of person. However […]

I’m going to begin rewiring certain areas of my mental system. I’ve done some research into certain personal development topics concerning the mind. Specifically I read on the topics of thought conditioning and behavioral conditioning. Thought conditioning is the application of consciously changing your thoughts to influence your actions in some positive, productive manner. In […]



Song of the Moment Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow (Acoustic) Being on this campus has gotten more difficult for me. All the memories here, good and bad, refuse to stop haunting me. The friends that have come and gone, the disastrous relationships I’ve suffered, the financial crisis I’ve endured… I’m ready to move on and make […]