I’m going to begin rewiring certain areas of my mental system.

I’ve done some research into certain personal development topics concerning the mind. Specifically I read on the topics of thought conditioning and behavioral conditioning.

Thought conditioning is the application of consciously changing your thoughts to influence your actions in some positive, productive manner. In this matter, behaviors follow thoughts.

In the matter of behavioral conditioning, it is the other way around. You act on something regardless of whatever it is you think. When you reach accomplishments through your actions, the motivational thoughts then follow in suit.

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I’m not going to post much here, but I will say this.

People and their crutches… they are getting old. Pot, cigarettes, alcohol, tv, coffee, soda, sleeping pills, they can all be thrown into a giant fire big enough to be seen from jupiter, not a trace of any of it to ever exist again if it were up to me. Needless to say, I hate them.

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I’m glad I began writing in this blog more often. It’s played a large part in helping me increase my writing activity so I can get back on the ball at my official blog – musiciansdojo.com.

I’ve determined something important when it comes to managing blogs that you plan on taking as seriously as a future online business:

If you’re going to have delays with putting out large, serious posts, make sure you have a good plan of putting out small filler posts.

I haven’t begun this suggestion yet myself, but I’m about to very soon.

I ran into this writers block recently and have slowly started to come back out of it. But I’ve had some trouble finishing my first post since I hit this block. I know now that I need to stop being afraid to throw out smaller posts, at least to keep my activity’s frequency healthy.  I think I’ll begin this tomorrow and keep steady on finishing up my big article.

So, note to self:

I have “big articles” and I have “filler articles”. Make sure you utilize filler-articles while you are writing and finishing those more difficult big articles.

I’ve got to get this out somewhere, I think I’ll just post it here.

I like Metallica. I like Megadeth.

But put up against Megadeth, Metallica these days is simply finished in my eyes. They’ve failed the “Metal” included in the very name. They might as well change their name to “Rocklica” or “Attempted-Punklica” or “Countrywesternlica”. The “Metal” just doesn’t exist there anymore.

And what  is this about Death Magnetic “going back to their roots”? I’ve listened to this album dozens of times and even as musically intuitive as I am, I simply fail to see any hint of the original sound anywhere in it. The mixing of the album is far from anything in their “roots”. James’ singing is miles away from any tone or texture he once had. Kirks solos are one dimensional excuses for the beautiful arpeggios he once soured through back in his younger years. Lars simply proves that he no longer has the stamina for the power, speed, and complexity he used to wield when the band was making the real impression on metal. And Rob Trujillo thinks he’s a monkey with a guitar in his hands. How, again, is this considered “metal’?

Now lets take a look at Megadeth.
Dave Mustaine successfully preserved his singing voice, and all the while also preserved his style and skill to play exactly what his original vision was born to emanate: Actual fast paced Metal. Even after their stages of experimental mainstream radio sound, Dave kept his plan solid: if this experimentation came short of what was hoped, the sound would transform back into what made them genuine in the first place.

If there is one bone I probably have to pick with Megadeth though, (and it is only one, unlike Metallica), it would be Dave’s style of lyrical writing. He’s almost completely turned his back away from conforming words to the rhythm through schemes such as metaphorical rhyming. He’s fallen more to simply spouting a literal story or however his perception sees the government in a fashion that almost bluntly resembles reading random articles in a magazine. However, I have heard some evidence that he’s recently attempted to back away from this style a bit. Let’s see what happens during their next album release, whenever it may be.

Either way, the main idea here is simple, and I’ve debated it over chats over and over again. Now its time to post it here: Metallica is no longer metal. Megadeth has claimed the throne as king of this hill.

Daily routines are where it’s at. I recommend them to everybody. If you already claim to have one, ask yourself, “How clear is my routine?” Also, how many bad days out of the week are you normally having? If the answer is more than one, then I’d say, your daily routine isn’t clear enough.

Since I’ve began mine, I’ve increased my productivity by at least 120% which leaves me in very good moods and leaves the people around me with much less (if anything at all) to have to complain about. But the trick was how well I have designed and clarified it.

Whatever issues you are having with things such as energy, patience, running errands, or getting in contact with people, be sure to clarify what that issue is and design your routines make you attack it head-on. Trust me, you’ll find it worth it.

Routines = good. Don’t just keep one, keep refining it and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

I think I’m done slacking off on my business after this week. I want the chance to fill it with content more often. I think I will begin taking more serious contemplation as to the best way to achieve this. Although it’s a long term project, it’s one that deserves bigger regard if I really want to design my future the way I want it.

I found a program that has allowed me to start organizing my thoughts. It’s called The Journal. I’ve only had it for two days and I’ve already created  daily routines, topics for my blog, pre-writing templates which have been extremely helpful, and problem solving strategies for all my current endeavors. If you’re someone who loves to organize their thoughts in a static medium where you can study yourself from this perspective and clarify what you need to do, this is the software that I am really beginning to think can help you accomplish this.

I’ve come down with something today, not sure what it is. But I’ll keep you informed when I find out.

Until then, keep the world turning out there.
– E

Home Made Media Can Catch The Eye

I like to search for fan-made music videos of favorite shows and movies. I’m actually a very detailed critic of them. I’ll run across some where people just threw random scenes of the characters chatting, and then expect to get spectacular responses as if they’ve made an emotionally touching music video or something. HA! But every now and then, I actually come across those that are perfect in almost every way.

Right now I want to show you one of those. My favorite movie of all time has always been and always will be The Crow (Brandon Lee). I had the pleasure to stumble upon a YouTube author named WizzyWarlock, who, at the time I found this video, had 2 others which were extremely good as well, but were taken off for some reason some time after.

His style of video, lyrical synchronization is flawless to me. He uses subtle steady transitions from measure to measure, having each scene that fades in match in some way to the lyrics at that time of the song. This video is The Crow, put to Smashing Pumpkins’ “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning”.