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Do you know who Alice In Chains is? They are a hard rock/metal band known for the notorious singles “Man in the Box”, “Rooster”, and “Would”. Did you know their lead singer Layne Staley died of a drug overdose back in 2002? Did you know he was known as a vocal god of his genre? […]

I’ve got to get this out somewhere, I think I’ll just post it here. I like Metallica. I like Megadeth. But put up against Megadeth, Metallica these days is simply finished in my eyes. They’ve failed the “Metal” included in the very name. They might as well change their name to “Rocklica” or “Attempted-Punklica” or […]

Daily routines are where it’s at. I recommend them to everybody. If you already claim to have one, ask yourself, “How clear is my routine?” Also, how many bad days out of the week are you normally having? If the answer is more than one, then I’d say, your daily routine isn’t clear enough. Since […]

I like to search for fan-made music videos of favorite shows and movies. I’m actually a very detailed critic of them. I’ll run across some where people just threw random scenes of the characters chatting, and then expect to get spectacular responses as if they’ve made an emotionally touching music video or something. HA! But […]

If you tried viewing my blog and realized you couldn’t, I apologize. I found my blog was suddenly set to private, although I don’t remember ever even going into those settings. lol! Anyway, I went in and set my blog back open. So read and comment away peeps! 🙂

Song of the Moment: Shinedown – Burning Bright Since I don’t have any spectacular ideas for a fresh blog entry, I’ve decided this entry will show you an old entry from another blog of mine some time ago. There’s something I’ve learned about my life. And that is, it can consist of much more than […]

I don’t believe I’ve properly introduced myself to you. I’d rather not be just another member on this network rambling out what he likes and dislikes. I’d rather describe myself to you so you know who is writing all this stuff you’re reading from me everyday. My name is…. well, just call me Echo. Or […]