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I like to search for fan-made music videos of favorite shows and movies. I’m actually a very detailed critic of them. I’ll run across some where people just threw random scenes of the characters chatting, and then expect to get spectacular responses as if they’ve made an emotionally touching music video or something. HA! But […]

Doll Face


Sometimes we are not satisfied with who we naturally are, and try to improve ourselves by trying to become something we see somewhere else, some of us to the point where we destroy any reminents of who we really are, and afterward become broken within. A sad result of having the wrong expectations. What are […]

I don’t believe I’ve properly introduced myself to you. I’d rather not be just another member on this network rambling out what he likes and dislikes. I’d rather describe myself to you so you know who is writing all this stuff you’re reading from me everyday. My name is…. well, just call me Echo. Or […]