Current Niche Clarification


Although this is a blog, and this is my blog, I try not to talk too much about myself. The reason has to do with how I’m working to improve my writing style. It’s not as simple as using better vocabulary and writing consistently. Honestly, I try to aim toward creating a fair balance between topics that are useful to my readers, and topics that help me to look back and reflect on myself.

This is the first post I’ve written with the new theme. I really liked the last theme because it was extra simple. I’m a big fan of simple. But I started wondering whether it might have been too simple, sacrificing the ability to navigate through past entries. That’s why I changed to this new theme.

The font you’re reading here isn’t the normal font that comes with this theme (nor was it with the last theme). I’ve tweaked my posts to use this font so that it’s easier to read and follow. The font you should be seeing here is under “Serif” (which looks similar to Georgia, or Times New Roman). If you don’t see the font as described, leave a comment here and let me know. Serif should be a web-natural font (although I’m not completely sure about this).

I’ve changed the blog title from “La La Land 2.0” to “Mind Hacks”. The previous title was actually inspired by an attempted insult I once received from a family member, and using it in an ironic but proud fashion. I decided to change it to “Mind Hacks” because of the direction I’ve recently found myself taking with my writing. I’ve shifted this blog’s niche toward questioning various aspects of life (society, religion, perception of reality, etc), as a way to learn how I can improve long term mental and emotional states of mind.

I haven’t had this blog a really long amount of time. I haven’t even written in it much since I created it. Right now, I’m using it as a tool to improve my writing abilities since I took a break from another website I run –

This blog has changed direction numerous times since I opened it. I couldn’t tell you if I’ll decide to stick with the current niche or change it again later down the line. Either way, I hope that, at this point, what I’m writing is useful enough to inspire you to do great things for yourself and the world.

– E


One Response to “Current Niche Clarification”

  1. Hey nice theme, I love the books. Looks like my bed when I am trying to find something new to read from my very full bookcases. Good luck with your new, old blog, I am still trying to get into mine. I have had some stops and starts, most of which has been my inability to remember passwords. I have issues.

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