What Are You Afraid Of?


Change is inevitable. Once you’ve decided to fully realize this, you can then give yourself the freedom and permission to embrace and look forward to it. When you’re in this position, you’ll find yourself actively learning about how change really works. You’ll free yourself from ignorance. Until then, you will always be scared of change, held back from what you’ve always been trying to accomplish.

I think people fear change because they don’t know what it will bring. Will it bring a field of failure? A sea of misery? Will it bring a responsibility you’re just not up to having?

My entire life has revolved around constant change. I have endured everything from sheer excitement, to nervousness, to failure of many endeavors, to downright shame in the face of others. So why am I not boxed up in case of insecurity? Why am I so open to the world today, after all the struggle I have experienced? I can tell you why.

“Learn to fail, or fail to learn”
– Tal Ben-Shahar

Regardless of the negative experiences, they just don’t amount to the misery I have seen some people settle for because of their chosen reaction to their own failures. I’ve consciously decided to allow myself to fail, so I can take complete advantage of the larger lessons my failures teach me. Many people don’t seem to do this.

Ironically, these people inspire me. Their misery inspires me to make better judgments about life. Their experiences inspire me to see a bigger picture about how it works. They inspire me to take the time to learn about change and how to use it to evolve who I am on a daily basis. They inspire me to have more courage and use my fears as a weight to exercise that courage. When it comes down to it, all I have to do is look at these people and I am driven to become a better person for myself.

I’m curious. What honestly scares you about change?
What do you think you can do to overcome your fear?
If you could choose your own kind of change, on your terms, one that is realistic and empowers you to improve who you are, what kind of change would it be?

What’s stopping you from doing it?


3 Responses to “What Are You Afraid Of?”

  1. Being 100% sucessful would be like being the perfect person…..boring.

  2. I would say being void of failure completely is impossible, and in any reality where it might happen, you would devolve consistently.

  3. So cool that you wrote about this. I just dealt with a fear this morning and it worked out very well. Tiny little thing but to me it was a big deal.

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