The Weight of Society


I have some questions for some of you people out there in today’s society. But first I want to lay out at least two types of people that I’ve learned about. These two types are actually based on 2 extreme ends of the same pole. They do not necessarily reflect every kind of person. However everybody falls somewhere in between the two.

Type 1

The first type are the people who live life constantly moving and growing at all times. They’re not worried about retirement and vacations. They’ve grown into enjoying what they do to a point that thinking about retirement and vacations feels like the opposite of how it is normally perceived.

They’ve created themselves in a way that gives them a fortress of support structures for enjoying all aspects of life – being physically healthy, mentally clear, and emotionally stable. Their future is set for them, not in terms of money, but in terms of their state of mind and physical energy when they are much older.

Type 2

The second type of people are different. They’ve done a few things in life and follow the herd of society “getting by” where they can, and stressing almost every moment of it. They start out as healthy, energetic kids, learning about the world in school, growing up… and suddenly they hit a dead end. The growing stops. Some have kids and suddenly those kids are just a ball and chain on their feet. Others don’t and yet, the outside world is no good. They’ve caved in within, with no support for self-esteem, motivation for physical fitness, or curiosity to continue learning about life. After a point, they close themselves up in a shell and live their life in front of a TV or computer.

People among type 2 are convinced that the people among type 1 I described above don’t exist. They don’t believe that people can evolve (that means enhancing one’s ability to improve all aspects of who they are and how they live). Some of them do believe, but have decided that it’s not worth the effort, and others think that they are as good as they’re ever going to be.

What Went Wrong?

What is it in society that allows people to loose the momentum they had as kids, creating things with their imagination and dreaming of being somebody awesome when they grow up? What happened between our youth and our adulthood that made us forget that we are powerful creators? What makes people abandon their mental and emotional growth?

What Society Expects Of You

When we hit adulthood, we are expected to face a number of responsibilities and behaviors toward society. We are lead into a picture where society has to define how we must live, how we must behave, and what we must believe. A nicer house is better than a smaller one. More money “makes you happier” than less. You’re more “hot” when your thin (or muscular). You must be saved in order to be accepted in life and death. You’ve got to get a job and be a good little doggie for your maste.. I mean boss. It’s supposedly good to own lots of nice and wonderful things that look pretty and is worth a lot of money.

People among type 2 above are commonly an item created by this society and these kinds of ideals. The weight of all these expectations and everything that comes with them easily discourages a person to feel they’ll never reach that bar, always set over their own heads. The people among type 1 are usually known to reject at least most of these ideals though. They’ve decided they don’t need that bar to be happy.

So what does this say about society? Does today’s society limit us and overwhelm us with unnecessary, bloated expectations of who we think we should be? Don’t we have the freedom to choose our own values and expectations, ones which make life easier and more empowering? I certainly think so.

My Position In Society

You probably don’t share this same perception, and that’s fine. You’re probably doing swimmingly under society’s common ideals (some do, for their own lucky reasons). But the more I am learning about this big picture, the more I feel inspired to walk away from all those dis-empowering ideals and use my free will to create my own. At the time of this writing, I’m actually in the middle of discovering and creating this path, and I must say, it’s exciting! I call it my “new model of living“.

My Questions For You

I’m wondering, if you had to choose one or the other, do you consider yourself more type 1 or type 2?

If you realized you could reject society’s norm’s, believing that they may be holding you down, and reinvent your outlook on life to something better, would you?


3 Responses to “The Weight of Society”

  1. 1 JeffR

    Type 1 all the way: nothing should hold anyone, or me, down, not even society itself. Go back to college, have fun, smile. Don’t be serious all the time. Life is good, so why not?

  2. 2 Robert G. Longpré

    What type am I? Well, to be honest, I am neither. But, of course you already know that as you have visited my blog site and likely gained some idea of the person I am. There is no doubt that I write in a manner that is transparent in terms of disclosing so much of my inner self. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I look forward to repeat visits.

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