Black Gives Way To Blue


Do you know who Alice In Chains is? They are a hard rock/metal band known for the notorious singles “Man in the Box”, “Rooster”, and “Would”. Did you know their lead singer Layne Staley died of a drug overdose back in 2002? Did you know he was known as a vocal god of his genre? Well, look into it if you didn’t know any of this, because if you call yourself a fan of music, specifically rock, you might want to know this stuff so you don’t get laughed or boo’ed at when someone plays their songs and you ask “who is this???”

Years went by after Layne died, and their guitarist/secondary singer Jerry Cantrell continued with his solo music  career. Then suddenly something amazing happened. Earlier this year articles were released saying that Alice in Chains were back … with a new singer? O.O

How dare they! Right? Many would compare it to picking Megadeth back up with a different singer if Dave Mustaine died. Virtually all fans felt insulted… until the first material to be released by a new album was heard. I might as well just say, it was a turn for the band that NOBODY saw coming.

I got the privilege to obtain this new album, entitled “Black Gives Way to Blue”. Another shocker added as the cherry on the cake is guest musician Elton John who plays the piano in the last track, a very special tribute to Layne Staley, properly named after the album.

It’s not enough to say that this album is impressive. It literally mesmerized me from the first track to the last. The mixing is fantastic, the guitars are gorgeous, the drums sound epic, and the lyrics are fun, intelligent, artistic, haunting, and contemplative.

Whatever you do, if you are somebody who is new to Alice in Chains, or an old-skewl fan who has yet to hear this album, just give it one listen. Have whatever opinion you may, but whatever it is, either way, you will hear the beauty inspired by the legacy that Layne left for all the fans of Alice in Chains. Don’t take my word for it. Go. Experience it. It’s worth it!


One Response to “Black Gives Way To Blue”

  1. Amen! I saw them live with the new lead singer years ago and I was already bitter going into the show… how could they?! And they were AMAZING! I dug out my Alice In Chains records immediately afterward. While Layne will always be a love, it’s amazing to see them back out there!

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