Re-program Your Brain to Succeed


I’m going to begin rewiring certain areas of my mental system.

I’ve done some research into certain personal development topics concerning the mind. Specifically I read on the topics of thought conditioning and behavioral conditioning.

Thought conditioning is the application of consciously changing your thoughts to influence your actions in some positive, productive manner. In this matter, behaviors follow thoughts.

In the matter of behavioral conditioning, it is the other way around. You act on something regardless of whatever it is you think. When you reach accomplishments through your actions, the motivational thoughts then follow in suit.

I thought, what if instead of acting on something regardless of what I’m thinking, I actually train my mind to take any negative or conflicting thought and act opposite of what is typical of a human being? For instance, if I thought to myself, “I don’t feel like brushing my teeth tonight”, my conditioning would train me to use this thought as a trigger to do the opposite of what I’m thinking. In this case, I would be aware that I do not feel like brushing my teeth and instead of going along with what this thought tells me not to do, do the opposite which is brush my teeth.

In summery though, I would have to induce this effect as an automatic reaction. Afterward, having gotten a task done, I feel good that I got it done.

Just think of how much more productive somebody could be if every time they thought “I don’t feel like doing that”, they automatically did it anyway simply as a natural reaction. The thought simply fascinates me to no end.


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