Society & Its Crutches: A Rant

I’m not going to post much here, but I will say this.

People and their crutches… they are getting old. Pot, cigarettes, alcohol, tv, coffee, soda, sleeping pills, they can all be thrown into a giant fire big enough to be seen from jupiter, not a trace of any of it to ever exist again if it were up to me. Needless to say, I hate them.

I’ve probably lost cool points to you pot-heads out there, but what can I say? The effects of crutches seem to multiply and close in around me. It’s pretty ridiculous.

My mother lost her ability to speak and smell to cigarettes. Her boyfriend thinks he needs pot to stay sane. He almost lost his life in a car wreck while drugged up on pot, coke, and drunk off of alcohol.

I have family members who can’t seem to drink anything else every single night other than warm cans of Dr. Pepper, and then wonder why their teeth brown up over the span of just a couple years with abscessed teeth.

Do you see where I’m getting at here?

I’m not perfect, and I’ve also once believed I needed cigarettes, and even pot. I had also settled for brown soda when all there was else to drink was water. But like many people out there, I’ve let myself actually grow past this mindset, moved on to cut out these things and realized that it really is all in one’s own head.

We’re socially conditioned to think we need these things to get by. We think we need to weight 120 lbs to be attractive. We think we need to drink coffee in order to get awake in the morning. Did you know you can get the same effect out of eating an apple?

I’m sorry you guys ended up feeling these are things you need or thinking these are things you “enjoy”. They were just a fun phase of my life. But I was smart and strong enough to know that I can move beyond them so I can start taking better care of myself. I just hope that you will get that chance to realize the same thing for yourself one day too.


One Response to “Society & Its Crutches: A Rant”

  1. 1 lianamerlo

    Your post made me think of two movies.

    1. Wall-E, have you seen it? I think you’d like it. It delves into this idea of humankind getting used to the idea of having something and not being able to live without it. Everyone gets fat, they sit around in wheelchairs practically, and they can’t function without TV.

    2. Idiocracy. Future generations have pretty much destroyed the earth and there are no plants or trees. They water everything with Gatorade because “it’s got electrolytes”. They think it’s better than good old-fashioned water.

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