Good Idea for Writer’s Block


I’m glad I began writing in this blog more often. It’s played a large part in helping me increase my writing activity so I can get back on the ball at my official blog –

I’ve determined something important when it comes to managing blogs that you plan on taking as seriously as a future online business:

If you’re going to have delays with putting out large, serious posts, make sure you have a good plan of putting out small filler posts.

I haven’t begun this suggestion yet myself, but I’m about to very soon.

I ran into this writers block recently and have slowly started to come back out of it. But I’ve had some trouble finishing my first post since I hit this block. I know now that I need to stop being afraid to throw out smaller posts, at least to keep my activity’s frequency healthy.  I think I’ll begin this tomorrow and keep steady on finishing up my big article.

So, note to self:

I have “big articles” and I have “filler articles”. Make sure you utilize filler-articles while you are writing and finishing those more difficult big articles.


2 Responses to “Good Idea for Writer’s Block”

  1. Definately, a good idea. Whatever gets you going. Filler articles and stories are also part of many publications, probably because people don’t always like to read long ones and also because there are things that don’t need too much space.

  2. Good idea. Its always hard to put up a quality post if one’s under time pressure, so small, light posts help maintaining the continuity and viewer ship.

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