Get a Routine, Improve your day!


Daily routines are where it’s at. I recommend them to everybody. If you already claim to have one, ask yourself, “How clear is my routine?” Also, how many bad days out of the week are you normally having? If the answer is more than one, then I’d say, your daily routine isn’t clear enough.

Since I’ve began mine, I’ve increased my productivity by at least 120% which leaves me in very good moods and leaves the people around me with much less (if anything at all) to have to complain about. But the trick was how well I have designed and clarified it.

Whatever issues you are having with things such as energy, patience, running errands, or getting in contact with people, be sure to clarify what that issue is and design your routines make you attack it head-on. Trust me, you’ll find it worth it.

Routines = good. Don’t just keep one, keep refining it and you’ll see exactly what I mean.


One Response to “Get a Routine, Improve your day!”

  1. So how did you go about establishing a routine for yourself and then actually following through with it? I know 99% of my problems come from being rushed, procrastinating and bullshitting on pointless things for hours. Routines drive me crazy but not having them drive me mad. Everytime I try to set up a routine, it involves construction paper, elmer’s glue, colored markers and magnets- then I have a stack of lists that are never implemented and create more problems LOL. I was born to be unorganized, I make things harder than they have to be……

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