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Do you know who Alice In Chains is? They are a hard rock/metal band known for the notorious singles “Man in the Box”, “Rooster”, and “Would”. Did you know their lead singer Layne Staley died of a drug overdose back in 2002? Did you know he was known as a vocal god of his genre? […]

I’m going to begin rewiring certain areas of my mental system. I’ve done some research into certain personal development topics concerning the mind. Specifically I read on the topics of thought conditioning and behavioral conditioning. Thought conditioning is the application of consciously changing your thoughts to influence your actions in some positive, productive manner. In […]

I’m not going to post much here, but I will say this. People and their crutches… they are getting old. Pot, cigarettes, alcohol, tv, coffee, soda, sleeping pills, they can all be thrown into a giant fire big enough to be seen from jupiter, not a trace of any of it to ever exist again […]

I’m glad I began writing in this blog more often. It’s played a large part in helping me increase my writing activity so I can get back on the ball at my official blog – I’ve determined something important when it comes to managing blogs that you plan on taking as seriously as a […]

I’ve got to get this out somewhere, I think I’ll just post it here. I like Metallica. I like Megadeth. But put up against Megadeth, Metallica these days is simply finished in my eyes. They’ve failed the “Metal” included in the very name. They might as well change their name to “Rocklica” or “Attempted-Punklica” or […]

Daily routines are where it’s at. I recommend them to everybody. If you already claim to have one, ask yourself, “How clear is my routine?” Also, how many bad days out of the week are you normally having? If the answer is more than one, then I’d say, your daily routine isn’t clear enough. Since […]

I think I’m done slacking off on my business after this week. I want the chance to fill it with content more often. I think I will begin taking more serious contemplation as to the best way to achieve this. Although it’s a long term project, it’s one that deserves bigger regard if I really […]