Choose Your Path In Life


choose your path in life
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Since I don’t have any spectacular ideas for a fresh blog entry, I’ve decided this entry will show you an old entry from another blog of mine some time ago.

There’s something I’ve learned about my life. And that is, it can consist of much more than what is immediately in front of me. I have talents, I’m artisitic, I have the potential to be very wealthy. One thing that has consumed this chapter of my life is web design. It’s what I’m going to college for. Yet the longer I’ve been in this major, the more I’ve discovered that sitting behind a desk playing with html code isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life. I don’t plan on spending it creating interfaces for others who most of which most likely wont even give me the kind of credit worth me feeling good about for making, if any credit at all. Their customers won’t care who made the website, they care about the company itself.

I think of ambitions of trying to get together another band one day. There’s only one major problem with that, however: family affairs. I don’t like the idea of having to leave my family somewhere while I tour around the world getting screwed over by a record company. The real idea behind such an ambition is more along the lines of simply being able to do something more active with my life and being able to make a more direct impact on people’s lives, the kind of impact that will have people recognizing who I am and what I’m doing. I want them to know what my intentions are and what great things I’ve done. And it’s not so that I can simply feel good about myself, I’m not so selfish when it comes to that. It’s more about showing people in the world that another good person out there exists. Someone who cares more than the average person. Sure, friends know all this and they may be inspired. But friends only go so far out there.

But most importantly, I want to be able to better ensure that my future generations have a good name. A name that when people hear it, they can more than likely think of who their father is and what he did and know that the name is good, giving those future generations a better chance at being favored by society and having a better chance at getting great opportunities. It’s simply a gift that I want to be able to keep on giving years on down the line. I simply don’t think that mere web design would satisfy this want.

There are other things I could look into, but I want to get my degree in web design/development, at least as something to start with. However, I’m not the best about planning things because the outcome of planned things usually never work out the way it’s planned. Things always come smoother as they come. The way my life has always worked, as long as I can just turn the ship in the right direction, the winds should take me at least near where I want to go.

I simply hope whatever direction I turn this ship, that I choose the right direction to turn, because I simply haven’t decided exactly what direction just yet.

So I wonder, what about you?
What are your ambitions of the future whether in comparison or in contrast to what you are currently doing?


3 Responses to “Choose Your Path In Life”

  1. 1 V

    Glad to see you back! I was wondering why your blog was set to private haha. My ambition right now is just to live and to somehow get some pain management heh. Before I got sick I was making really good money, it would have been enough to retire when I turn 40 and pursue my dreams. Traveling, getting more into my band and music…and I wanted to go back to college to study forensic pathology. So much for those dreams though.

  2. my ambitions? well, they’re simple. sell the old car and buy a newer one. get married. have kids. buy a house. continue on the same career path that i now, only with more (lots more!) money. stay skinny. stay healthy. have fun.

  3. Well… I thought I was “good” when it came to the successes I wanted to acheive but it wasn’t till after my husband died and I really took a long hard look at my life that I was far from anywhere I wanted to be. Granted, I’ve done the marriage thing, had a couple of GREAT kids, had a good career… it’s just not what I WANT. Well… not ALL that I want.

    So, I’m taking the leap. Next year I’m going back to school to finish up a degree in journalism and I’m going to put all of my efforts into being a writer!

    We’ll see…

    Glad to see your blog is working again. 🙂

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