Doll Face


Sometimes we are not satisfied with who we naturally are, and try to improve ourselves by trying to become something we see somewhere else, some of us to the point where we destroy any reminents of who we really are, and afterward become broken within. A sad result of having the wrong expectations.

What are your thoughts on the subject?


7 Responses to “Doll Face”

  1. if you want to change for the better and feel you are better as a result of the change, then it’s a good change. but if changing yourself still makes you feel empty and bitter inside, maybe that’s not the change you’re seeking… sometimes what we think we want is not necessarily what we need.

  2. Dammit, I had just written an essay about this and then my wireless decided to cut me off and I’ve lost it!! I’ll try again…

    That was a very thought provoking film.

    I think we all subscibe to the expectation game to some extent.

    I don’t wear make up so I’ve avoided that side of the beauty industry but i like to have clean, good-looking hair so I conform in that way instead.
    We all want to look good, we all want to look like the people around us and to some extent the people we see in the media.
    People who say that they don’t care are partially kidding themselves. No one wants to be over-weight – we all want to look like the current society norm.

    The pressure on women to look perfect is huge. It is also totally unrealistic to use media as a benchmark of that perfection.
    All magazines use airbrushing so the images of perfection we are being shown are not even a true reflection of reality.
    No wonder plastic surgery is booming!

    I think some aims of self-improvement are a good thing. I don’t want to be perfect, I don’t want to be a size zero, I don’t want to have straight blond hair. I would just like to be a slightly better version of me. Ideally one who doesn’t bite her nails!

  3. i don’t use make-up too, posteret! despite my avatar. 😛 it’s rare to find women who don’t use make-up.

  4. 4 dantem

    Like Sulz said, changing yourself to make a better life is not a bad thing, as long as you stick to your roots. I’ve seen so many people change themselves to fit in, to acquire the affection of someone else, but it all fails horribly in the end because they aren’t who they truly are… I dunno, tough subject but I think the message should be “Just be yourself.”

  5. I didn’t notice, my blog got set to private, but its open again.

  6. …improve ourselves by trying to become something we see somewhere else…

    I don’t think there is anything work in doing it until and unless we fall into your “some of” group of people.

    ..we see somewhere else..
    Probably, that is will help us to reach the unreachable

    Those are just my view. May or may not be correct 🙂


  7. That was pretty wicked. I like how when the mechanical face tried to get closer to the TV, but the box kept pulling her back, as if trying to convince her to be herself. Then the face shatters and the TV goes to static, it was great.

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