Forward: Get to Know Me


I don’t believe I’ve properly introduced myself to you. I’d rather not be just another member on this network rambling out what he likes and dislikes. I’d rather describe myself to you so you know who is writing all this stuff you’re reading from me everyday.

My name is…. well, just call me Echo. Or if you want, you can call me something else if it suits you to. I don’t care. A name is a name is a name, just a handle to go by on the web.

A Logical Personality

I’m naturally a quiet person. I listen more than I speak. If I have something useful to say to you, then I will say it. If we have an inside joke together, I’ll throw it on the table where it works best. I love to make you laugh. If I can put a smile on your face, then I know my presence is worth something. If I have something critical to say, I make sure it’s the right time and the right place. Some people think I’m creepy because I’m quiet. Some of them ought to. Others I hope learn better. Either way, I really don’t care.

Defined by Nature

Everything about me is embedded in the color green and the element of earth (nature). I’m a Taurus. My real name’s meaning is associated with the earth. By astrology my element is earth. My gem is the emerald. If I were a dragon, need I even ask you what kind?

A Positive, Balanced Being

I’m more neutral about things than I should be. Maybe it’s because I don’t like confrontation. I’ve had and seen enough of it’s ugly frightening head around me in the past that psychologically, I find myself doing everything in my power to neutralize it. Negative energy breaks me down. Positive energy builds me up.

A Passionate Musician

I’m an artist, a musical adept. I’ve played self-taught guitar by ear for 17 years as of this writing. I believe I’m borderline autistic when it comes to music. Sometimes I will have a song playing in my head so vividly that everything around me will disappear. I’ll analyze its melodies, notes, rhythms, and lyrics, dissecting it and putting it together again in my head.

An Evolving Human

I won’t lay out names and details here about my past. I will tell you however that for the first half of my life, my mental and emotional awareness was pretty mediocre. My concerns were small even in times of hardship. But around my early and mid 20’s I experienced some things that dramatically evolved my role in life. I became closer to God. I found myself in places and situations that trained me to think better on my feet than I ever had prior. I met some incredible people who even to this day I look up to although I haven’t seen them in years. And of the most important chapter of my life to date, I became a father.

My Own Person

On the topic of family, mine are very close to me. They are very protective of each other, and even more protective of me. They are not easy people to be around. They are not very open to newcomers. The stories I could tell you would make it impossible for you not to understand why.

As for myself, it was a certain chapter in my life that somehow gave me the courage to see certain things even just a little differently than some of the others in my family do now. Maybe it was the kind people I associated myself with. Maybe it was the fact that I only had me to worry about at the time. But it was a chapter that I finally found out who I was and how I felt about my life without someone else trying to define it for me. It was a time that I got to better develop my own views, opinions, and reactions toward the good, the bad, and the fugly. It was my chance to learn lessons the best way there is to learn them: on my own.

A College Student

Today I go to college. I major in web design. Until I’ve put up my own server, I keep the majority of my experimental work private. I’ve had sites out there in the past. They never quite went anywhere. I’ve drafted ideas, revised them, and even taken long breaks from the field. Today that’s kind of what I’m doing for the time being.

A Hard Worker

I also work at a freight hub feeding and sorting boxes. It’s the first heavy labor job I’ve ever had and I’m surprised to say, I actually enjoy it. Honestly, after they shut down, I want to continue on to another job with the same atmosphere. It’s a great workout, it’s good experience, and it’s an upper. Even more importantly in my position, it’s good money. At the start, money was my only concern. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it past the first two weeks. Check me out though. I’m still kickin it. And if I had the option, I would continue to at another warehouse with no concern.

A Dreamer

So what are my ambitions? I’ve been through a few different phases. “I want to be a famous guitarist.” Or “I want to own a giant web business and eventually have everyone under me do all the work while I sit in my living room and let my account build money and interest.” Or “I want to be a big well-known author who wrote that awesome auto-biography.” Some of these dreams are still possible, some expected a bit less exaggerated. However many times these dreams change and alter, there is only one thing that remains the same, and only one thing that I’m more concerned with than all of the above.

A Loving Father

I want to be a father to my little girl and watch her grow up healthy, happy, and smart. I want her to have a better life than my siblings and I got to have. I want her to live in a better neighborhood, go to a better school, and have better opportunities open to her than most of us ever got. I want to make sure that the wisdom that I’ve collected throughout my years is passed down to her as she grows and when she becomes a mother to her own kids, can pass it down to them. The point is, whatever the hell it is I end up doing with myself, I just want be the father to her that she most deeply deserves. She’s the center of my universe, no matter if I am near or far from her. She is the first thing I think about as soon as my eyes open every day, and the last thing that goes through my head before I fall asleep every night.

A Hopeful Blogger

So that’s pretty much it. The journey has been long, and I still have another 5000 or so miles to go. And now I’m here on this network sharing myself with you, as valuable or invaluable as you might take it. Whatever it is I blog about on here, one thing I hope to show you is that there is more than just ugliness out in the world. One thing I hope to show myself is that there is more than just worrying and complaining and wondering about what I feel about something, what I want out of something, and what I am to do with myself in the coming months and years. Whatever it is I write about on this page, I just hope that it helps fill that void inside of me that playing the guitar and playing in photoshop cannot.


7 Responses to “Forward: Get to Know Me”

  1. 1 sugartaxi

    I always find people who have things in common with me. I believe that if I have an idea say right now on any topic then there is about another 1000 people out there having the same idea at the same time…

    I to, am a dreamer and my dreams are my only true realities that form in my life. Trying, or just-do-it, or think about it ,plan it and stuff don’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, with out practice there is no result.

    So awsome to bounce off things we enjoy. I wish you success in your achievements. Laters..

  2. 2 sauceysista

    Nice to meet you. 🙂

  3. Pick me! Pick me!

    The Welsh Green Dragon???

  4. 4 etchedstone

    we are all a work in progress 🙂 happy thanksgiving

    gp in montana

  5. 5 V

    I am quiet as well, too quiet most times, I am painfully shy and I am autistic. I have problems in social situations. I don’t get jokes, I take things literally, etc., etc. People didn’t understand me or my autism. When I was in school I was labeled a “freak”. I was always a dark person, long hair, I wore eyeliner before it was “cool” for guys to wear it. I got pierced before everyone was doing it, I have always been unique and different I suppose. I am very musical as well (thank you autism). If someone gives me an instrument and about an hour, I will be able to play it. 🙂 I love playing guitar and piano the best. My guitars are like loves to me haha. I hardly play these days due to my illness and side effects, it kills me that I can’t. That was my escape from so many things. I am also a dreamer, I always have been. I find sometimes my way of dreaming/thinking is much better than dealing with the “real” world. The real world tends to hurt. I enjoyed reading about you!

  6. love posts like this! thanks for letting me get to know you. 🙂

  7. 7 honeybrisketbabyfat

    Hello Echo! Let me guess your name…. hmmm… Peter?…. (rock)because you said it is related to earth. Anyway, I read your wonderful blog and it made me smile here imagining your unique personality and how your world evolved with your little girl. I support your dream, just believe and create your own possibilities. I’ll add you in my blogroll okay. Happy New Year!

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