Would you like some brains with that heart?



Song of the Moment:
Kenny Wayne Shepard – Blue on Black

*Lights up a cigarette*

You know what I can’t stand? (and this is going to sound blunt, just bear with me here)

People who give themselves away to someone else like they are on sale. You know what I mean? Okay, so woman meets man, woman is interested in man, man is interested in woman, they get together, they get close, and they know each other for about a month, ok cool…. and then they get engaged??

What the hell is that!?

And then these kids run into a typical bump in the road and one of them walks out on the other, and then whines and cries that “everything that defines them” has been lost. They insist that since they felt close enough to get engaged that they’ll never find or want to be with someone else.

Fools! WAKE UP!

And this isn’t just one person, its a whole bunch of people I’ve talked to. Like its something in the water…

How naive and desperate can somebody be? These people aren’t 17 or 20, they are in their 30’s! Where along the way did they throw away the wisdom they should have gained over their years watching others be idiots out there?

Please, whatever you do, if you are with someone or are soon to be sometime in the future, be sure to watch closely these kinds of people. Learn from their mistakes. PAY ATTENTION to how they fuck up. DON’T let your logic be replaced with your emotions.

More importantly, LOOK OUT FOR NUMBER 1! YOU are more important than anyone else and anything else in the world around you (with the exception of any kids you have). If you dare “give your heart entirely away to someone else”, and expect not to get hurt, you’re asking for it. So when it happens, don’t sit and wonder why it all happened. Start using that brain of yours!

Anyway, I’m sure you know someone who probably produces a whole soap opera around their reocurring stories they never actually watch themselves, no?


5 Responses to “Would you like some brains with that heart?”

  1. Well said

  2. do you really know people like that?? sounds unbelievable… but i guess it’s a different story they tell from their side. sometimes we want love so bad we’re willing to risk anything.

  3. 3 V

    I have seen that happen over and over again. I will admit to being guilty of it in my early 20’s. I am wiser now, thank goodness haha. I agree with what you said here, people need to take their time, not let the need for love outweight their common sense. Good song of the moment. 😉 I have it on my playlist for my radio shows!!

  4. My, my, aren’t we bitter. However, I must say, I agree. I know many people like this, but I have a defence for them; they need to feel wanted and loved. People become blinded by these things; even though it’s rather exaggerated and unnecessary, their whole world gets sucked in.

    Sometimes it’s hard to be the rational one 🙂

  5. 5 mplimasol

    i like what you say about paying close attention to their mistakes, watching what they do… it has not yet saved me in any situation, but it has at least warned me of the hell to come. i should listen to my intuition more often.

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