Random Thoughts



I’ll be honest with you. Right now, I frankly have nothing to write about. I’m just going to move my fingers any which way they’re going to go and see what happens. You’ve probably done that right?

I used to write really long blog entries. Most of what I wrote was never smaller than 6 giant paragraphs. Eventually I realized I hated writing novel long entries, and my readers didn’t feel like reading through it all. So I revamped my writing habits.

I’ve been into blogging since 2003, but I’ve never been very consistent or creative with it. I’ve yet to develop my voice. I just sit and write whatever comes out. I actually hate not having a voice. I sound like a lifeless robot when I read my words back to me. But I actually want to change that while I’m here. Until then, if my writing sounds so square and boring to you that you decide it’s not worth reading it anymore, I don’t blame you. I feel the same way every day. The difference with me is, I’ve got nothing better to do anyway.

I still have a lot of work to do on this place. I’m actually thinking of installing a custom wordpress on my sister’s server and just using that. WordPress.com is pretty nice, but the fact this place is so new irritates me with the lack of themes and features.

It’s 5:37. I’ve gotta call a friend of mine and get him to take me to cash my check. Speaking of check, I’m baffled I got as much on this check as I did. My hours have been cut so much, someone must be looking out for me.

I’m bouncing here. Until next time folks!


3 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. that’s how it was for me when i started blogging, unsure of what to write and how to attract readers. in the end, i just wrote about what i want to read about myself on my blog and hey, strangely enough a few people like to read about my navel-gazing musings. šŸ˜€

    if you read my archives, i used to write a lot more thought-provoking entries in which i question about universal things. once i’ve started working, i noticed i write a lot more ‘me’ posts, and i’m not really happy about the amount of me mentioned, even though that’s the only thing i can think of writing about right now.

    i suppose writing/blogging is a life-long process in search of one’s true voice!

  2. zzzzzzzz oh I am srry you ere saying? LOL I’m just kidding. I have that problem too sometimes and I hate it.

  3. 3 V

    I just write randomly as well. I know what you mean though, I wish I had a “voice” as well. Circumstances from childhood have always made me feel that I didn’t have a voice. Sometimes I feel like my blogs are boring as hell and I get it into my head that people read them and just stare like O.O . I decided though, that I am going to blog about what I am feeling at the moment and if people want to read it and comment, well then I LOVE that, but if they don’t, oh well. *shrug*

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