Check me out, I’m writing an entry this morning and havn’t even been awake longer than 15 minutes!.. ha! Lets see how this will go shall we?

Have you ever struggled to get a job (whatever job it may be), and you finally land that sucker. Your so proud yourself. You’re getting that income. You’re eating better. Things are looking bright… finally! Life is beginning to turn around for the better right?… Just to suddenly have the whole world take a huge smelly shit on it and have it shut down. It had to be YOU who landed a DHL job didn’t it? Just your luck right? Yeah, just My luck. Things can’t just simply work out for me can they? Nah, they’ve gotta go and make it a big retardulous (yes you read that right) game of “Let’s make him suffer some more!” Heh… thanks world. pft…

In other news, Thanksgiving is on the way. I’ve got that day and the day after off. I can travel up to see my family and spend [A WHOLE 2 DAYS!(?)] with them. Hm, I’ve gotta double check that sometime. Anyway, I’ll be sure to pray to God that I’ll even have enough this paycheck to get by to the next. You know how that goes right? Just scrapin’ by from paycheck to paycheck, hoping the next will be a little easier on ya than the last.

Alright, alright, you’ve wasted enough time reading this useless blog… and you’ve got somewhere to be, or something you’ve gotta get done right?

You guys be sure to come over to Audiostraction some time to see the next artist and song we’re throwin out at ya.

Have a happy turkey day!


3 Responses to “Incoming”

  1. yeah DHL sucks!

  2. Hahaha! “retardulous”… I’m going to find some way to slip that into a conversation at work tomorrow!

    Happy Turkey Day to you!

  3. you work in dhl, like the postal service place? what do you do there?

    i know what you mean about sucky jobs… try looking for another one in the meantime? but for me, i rather work in a sucky job with good coworkers than vice versa.

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