Although this is a blog, and this is my blog, I try not to talk too much about myself. The reason has to do with how I’m working to improve my writing style. It’s not as simple as using better vocabulary and writing consistently. Honestly, I try to aim toward creating a fair balance between topics that are useful to my readers, and topics that help me to look back and reflect on myself.

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Change is inevitable. Once you’ve decided to fully realize this, you can then give yourself the freedom and permission to embrace and look forward to it. When you’re in this position, you’ll find yourself actively learning about how change really works. You’ll free yourself from ignorance. Until then, you will always be scared of change, held back from what you’ve always been trying to accomplish.

I think people fear change because they don’t know what it will bring. Will it bring a field of failure? A sea of misery? Will it bring a responsibility you’re just not up to having?

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I have somewhat of an anxiety disorder. Its effect often leaves me stressed about the future and the past. Its presence ripples through many aspects of my life. I can’t think clearly. My emotions run high. I often mis-translate what somebody is saying (what they’re getting at), and motivation and confidence in myself weakens.

Does this happen to you? Why do we experience this? What is the source of anxiety anyway?

I think I’ve discovered what it is (at least partially).

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I have some questions for some of you people out there in today’s society. But first I want to lay out at least two types of people that I’ve learned about. These two types are actually based on 2 extreme ends of the same pole. They do not necessarily reflect every kind of person. However everybody falls somewhere in between the two.

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I’m sure after reading my last post, after a certain point you decided “this guy is absurd!” And I can tell you what part it was in which you decided this too. It was when I pointed out that I “don’t have to believe in a God to make sense of my life”. Yes, I know *GASP*

There’s a pattern I’ve noticed throughout a huge portion of my life. It’s very ironic actually. It’s where somebody is “Christian” and yet they are as miserable as a person can possibly be. Why is this? Why do so many “Christians” revolve their worship around “hating god” because he made them or somebody else hurt? I could rant “what’s the point of all this, omg!”, but I wont. Instead I’m going to point out things I’ve been learning about the religion that is responsible for all this misery.

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